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Explorations of Written Communication

Explorations of Written Communication:  Social Media, Church, & New Parents   The Concept Way back on June 28th, 2011, technology giant Google Inc. launched a social media platform called Google+ (“Google Plus”). One of the few defining features which set Google+ apart from other social networking sites was the way they organized your friends. Those clever chaps at Google re-imagined  how our real-world relationships are actually organized and applied it to their social media platform. They cleverly named this feature “Circles”. The idea goes like this: Everyone has relationships. Most of us have a family, close friends, coworkers, colleagues, and acquaintances. However, we don’t always mix these relationships together when we spend time with these people. We keep them separated into… circles. This concept is the essentially the application of some theory in the academics of literacy and composition. You are part of several Discourse Communities (like Circles

Seoul Bitcoin: Writing Conventions for Education in Technology

Writing Conventions for Education in Technology Photo Credit: Nathan Simpson  (visit his website to see more awesome pictures) How it Started Ruben Somsen Studying the language is what first brought Ruben Somsen to South Korea, and interest in the culture and society are what caused him to return.  Soon after his return, he began looking for a challenge, and having a natural interest in computer technology, he began studying programming as a hobby. That's how he came across Bitcoin for the first time and was struck with fascination and curiosity. He immediately knew that the blockchain technology of Bitcoin would change the world, and began searching for a place in Korea where he could learn more and meet others who shared his intrigue; but there was nothing. So he went ahead and started one. From that time, the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup was born, drawing blockchain developers, enthusiasts, investors, and many others to this day. A Bitcoin Meetup In February of 201


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