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Global Communication & The International Classroom

Teaching International English Abroad "The momentum for change is clearly in place. The insatiable quest for knowing the unknown, the eagerness of business to put technology at the service of consumers, and the military arms race between nations have all helped create this momentum," (Yunis, 247). Here, Muhammad Yunis seeks to inspire his audience to accomplish things that will benefit global humanity. Some see global communication as one of these things. Global Communication in Public Spaces is arguably none more apparent than in a classroom of international English students. When writing for a diverse audience like this, there are numerous factors to consider. I’m an American who has taught international English in South Korea for 10 years, now. In my spare time, I did blog fairly regularly about different culturalaspects of South Korea , but not in any professional or instructional capacity. During my time, here, I have taught kindergarten, elementary school, m

Social Media, Bitcoin, Blockchain, & the Cryptosphere

Introduction At this point, 2 of my first 3 blog posts involved writing about Bitcoin. By now, most have heard the word "Bitcoin". Some may even know a thing or two about it. But still, few know how it works. I won't be explaining that, here, but I will share a few resources. 1. (blog) I wrote a blog post about Bitcoin in order to explain it to beginners. 2. (website) Coindesk is an excellent resource for understanding Bitcoin . (more technical) 3. (video) John Oliver recently did a segment to explain it , and the general consensus in the cryptosphere is that his take is pretty fair and well done. (more playful) 4. (video) A great explanation of how Bitcoin works under the hood! (more technical) Social Media and the Cryptosphere I was introduced to cryptocurrency initially because I have a friend who invested some money and earned a 50x return on his investment, which is 5000%. He basically contacted me and said, "Hey! Yo

Blockchain: Frontiers of a Writing Genre

Blockchain: Frontier of a Writing Genre Blockchain is an experimental and developing frontier in every sense: thought, concept, technology, education, genre - you name it. Spellcheckers don't even recognize the term as a valid word. It's categorically defined as a "technology", but it's much more than that. I began writing about Bitcoin and blockchain technology only a few months ago, after visiting a Seoul Bitcoin meetup . I was fascinated, asking question after question until I showed enough interest to where the organizer of the meetup told me that the best way to understand how it works is to jump in. So I did. I published my first blog post about Bitcoin on December 2, 2017, called " Unmasking The Bitcoin Frenzy ". I also have become a contributor to the Seoul Bitcoin meetup by giving beginner presentations to answer questions about what it is and how it works. I was captivated by the innovation of how it works, and I was challenged wh